Happily Ever Richa: A Case Study

The art of combining reality television with vlogging.


The cast of Happily Ever Richa film around the world. Annmarie and Sandra live in Lebanon, Mimo and Beshara live in London, and Nessie and Joseph live in Boston. This creates a unique challenge for shooting the show.

When shooting with a crew in Boston, the show is shot in 1080p30 in ProRes 422 with a Sony a7S II and a Sony 28-135 f/4 PZ lens unfiltered. This is in contrast to its higher-budget parent show, This Is Family, shot at 2160p24 in ProRes 422 with a Sony a7S II and a Sony 28-135 f/4 PZ lens through a Tiffen 812 Warming Filter.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Cast members shoot primarily on their iPhones while not in the United States. They submit the highest quality format of the video through WeTransfer to Next. Then, the vlog footage is pooled with the media for the rest of the show for our editors to splice together.


The show, along with its parent show, This Is Family, is edited in Final Cut Pro X. It is then delivered to Facebook Watch at 1080p30 in the H.264 format.


Unlike This Is Family, a music library is not used on Happily Ever Richa. Instead, Next’s extensive library of music, made for other Next content, is utilized. Artist tracks by Tobu are featured in Happily Ever Richa.

Happily Ever Richa is coming soon to Facebook Watch.

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