“This Is Family” Producers On How A Small Reality Show Led to a Fan-Favorite Empire

The Real with Joseph Azarian premiered in 2015 to a relatively small network audience. Since its debut on Prime Video, one of the largest networks in the United States, run by Amazon.com, Inc., the show has grown exponentially. 

Since the show’s cancellation announced in April 2018, the family has signed on for a new Amazon Prime series, This Is Family. The new series will be Next Studios’ flagship series. Producers spill all in this exclusive.

Next Studios: “It’s always been so important for us to keep a consistent, but unique theme across our series at Next. The Real with Joseph Azarian followed a standard reality TV model. Scenes were bisected by interviews, and scenes were transitioned with shots of the city with trendy music in the background. On This Is Family, we’re rewriting the narrative on reality television.”

Joseph Azarian (star, executive producer): “Our show has always been so important to who we are and we’ve always wanted it to reflect our personalities. The upbeat, flashy quality of our old show represented who we are at the time, but as we grow, our show should grow with us. With This Is Family , we’re focusing on creating a unique flavor of reality television.”

AVANT: “This Is Family needed an entirely new format for it to be successful, so Next formed AVANT, a new production company dedicated to the production of the Nossiff-Azarian family shows exclusively. We’re looking to bring a breath of fresh air to the family’s brand.”

Next Studios: “When we were called to produce This Is Family, we knew we needed to rethink all aspects of production: cameras, music, and editing. The show should not at all resemble the old series. We’re lucky enough to be able to have skilled camera operators, music producers, and editors to make our goals a reality.”

This Is Family premieres September 28 with a four-episode premiere, on Prime Video!

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