"Happily Ever Richa" Greenlit for Prime Video

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International media conglomerate Next Entertainment Television is pleased to announce the greenlighting of This Is Family’s first spin-off, Happily Ever Richa.

Happily Ever Richa will follow the personal and professional lives of the Richa family at a tumultuous and busy time in their life. Mimo is getting married to her forever-fiancé Beshara, while Sandra is looking toward new beginnings moving from her home-country of Lebanon to the United States.

The series will be produced by Next Entertainment Television’s flagship production company, Next Studios. The series will be executive produced by Annmarie “Mimo” Richa and Sandra Richa. Happily Ever Richa premieres March 15 on Amazon Prime Video, where its sister show This Is Family resides.

Happily Ever Richa season 1 logo.png
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