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In June 2014, JG Media Channel was founded, with a mission to provide entertaining programming to children and teens. JGMC shows were distributed primarily online. Families trusted JGMC as a reliable content producer for the younger members of their family.

After a year of operation, in July 2015, JGMC launched Next Channel (Now Next Entertainment). Next was launched as a lifestyle/reality TV network targeted at teens and adults 18-34 years of age. In October 2015, JGMC aired their last new episode, and ceased operations that same night.

Next was under the parent company, JG Media, until early 2016, when they cut ties from JG Media entirely. A holdings firm, Next Entertainment Television, LLC was formed as an umbrella organization above Next.

In late 2016, Next Studios was formed to breathe new life into existing Next shows. Later, in early 2017, Vyb Network was announced as a secondary network to Next Entertainment featuring a new, raw style of lifestyle television.

In 2018, Next announced a shift in programming. The network now mainly distributes content to Amazon's Prime Video platform.

Headquartered in Boston, Next Entertainment Television, LLC is a holdings firm with interests in the leading entertainment television networks, record companies, production companies, and more. With a focus on high quality content, Next continues to innovate in the entertainment industry.


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In July 2015, Next Entertainment Television, LLC launched the eponymously named Next television channel with a new philosophy on entertainment television. Next is available for free with anyone who has access to internet, as well as traditional mediums. Since 2015, Next has aired a dozen shows and worked with hip restaurant Applebee's and AT&T's It Can Wait program.

SOcial Media Strategy

Next manages their shows' cast's social media accounts to offer engaging content. 


Next's shows were produced by their predecessor and children's TV channel JGMC until May 2016, when Next Studios was formed to take over production on Next shows. Before Next Studios, shows were being filmed with aging production standards, but after they took over, the network now airs cinematic and entertaining content.


Next distributes content to Amazon Prime.


Next Entertainment Television, LLC took over operations of JG Media Records, a record company focused on emerging pop artists. They also own uMusic, the music video distribution service.




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